Source code for pytablewriter.writer.text._json

import copy
from textwrap import indent
from typing import Any, List

import dataproperty
import typepy
from dataproperty import ColumnDataProperty, DataProperty
from mbstrdecoder import MultiByteStrDecoder
from tabledata import to_value_matrix
from typepy import Typecode

from .._msgfy import to_error_message
from ._common import serialize_dp
from ._text_writer import IndentationTextTableWriter

    import simplejson as json
except ImportError:
    import json  # type: ignore

[docs] class JsonTableWriter(IndentationTextTableWriter): """ A table writer class for JSON format. Examples: :ref:`example-json-table-writer` .. py:method:: write_table |write_table| with JSON format. Args: indent (Optional[int]): Indent level of an output. Interpretation of indent level value differ format to format. Some writer classes may ignore this value. Defaults to 4. sort_keys (Optional[bool]): If |True|, the output of dictionaries will be sorted by key. Defaults to |False|. Examples: :ref:`example-json-table-writer` .. note:: Specific values in the tabular data are converted when writing: - |None|: written as ``null`` - |inf|: written as ``Infinity`` - |nan|: written as ``NaN`` """ FORMAT_NAME = "json" @property def format_name(self) -> str: return self.FORMAT_NAME @property def support_split_write(self) -> bool: return True def __init__(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: super().__init__(**kwargs) self.set_indent_level(4) self.is_formatting_float = False self.is_write_opening_row = True self.is_write_closing_row = True self.char_right_side_row = "," self.char_opening_row_cross_point = "" self.char_closing_row_cross_point = "" self._is_require_header = True self._dp_extractor.type_value_map = { Typecode.INFINITY: "Infinity", Typecode.NAN: "NaN", } self._dp_extractor.update_strict_level_map({Typecode.BOOL: typepy.StrictLevel.MAX}) self._quoting_flags = copy.deepcopy(dataproperty.NOT_QUOTING_FLAGS) self._init_cross_point_maps()
[docs] def write_null_line(self) -> None: self._verify_stream()"\n")
def _write_table(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: sort_keys = kwargs.get("sort_keys", False) self._preprocess() with self._logger: self._write_opening_row() json_text_list = [] for json_data in self._table_value_matrix: json_text = json.dumps( json_data, indent=self._indent_level, ensure_ascii=False, sort_keys=sort_keys ) json_text_list.append(json_text) joint_text = self.char_right_side_row + "\n" json_text = joint_text.join(json_text_list) if all([not self.is_write_closing_row, typepy.is_not_null_string(json_text)]): json_text += joint_text, " " * self._indent_level)) self._write_closing_row() def _to_row_item(self, row_idx: int, col_dp: ColumnDataProperty, value_dp: DataProperty) -> str: return value_dp.to_str() def _preprocess_table_dp(self) -> None: if self._is_complete_table_dp_preprocess: return self._logger.logger.debug("_preprocess_table_dp") try: self._table_value_dp_matrix = self._dp_extractor.to_dp_matrix( to_value_matrix(self.headers, self.value_matrix) ) except TypeError as e: self._logger.logger.debug(to_error_message(e)) self._table_value_dp_matrix = [] self._is_complete_table_dp_preprocess = True def _preprocess_header(self) -> None: if self._is_complete_header_preprocess: return self._logger.logger.debug("_preprocess_header") self._table_headers = [ header_dp.to_str() for header_dp in self._dp_extractor.to_header_dp_list() ] self._is_complete_header_preprocess = True def _preprocess_value_matrix(self) -> None: if self._is_complete_value_matrix_preprocess: return self._table_value_matrix = [ dict(zip(self._table_headers, [serialize_dp(dp) for dp in dp_list])) for dp_list in self._table_value_dp_matrix ] self._is_complete_value_matrix_preprocess = True def _get_opening_row_items(self) -> List[str]: if typepy.is_not_null_string(self.table_name): return [f'{{ "{MultiByteStrDecoder(self.table_name).unicode_str:s}" : ['] return ["["] def _get_closing_row_items(self) -> List[str]: if typepy.is_not_null_string(self.table_name): return ["\n]}"] return ["\n]"]