Source code for pytablewriter.writer.text._html

import copy
import warnings
from typing import Any, List, Optional, Tuple, cast

import dataproperty
import typepy
from mbstrdecoder import MultiByteStrDecoder
from pathvalidate import replace_symbol

from ...error import EmptyTableDataError
from ...sanitizer import sanitize_python_var_name
from import Align, FontStyle, FontWeight, HtmlStyler, Style, StylerInterface, VerticalAlign
from .._common import import_error_msg_template
from .._table_writer import AbstractTableWriter
from ._css import CssTableWriter
from ._text_writer import TextTableWriter

def _get_tags_module() -> Tuple:
        from dominate import tags
        from dominate.util import raw

        return tags, raw
    except ImportError:

[docs] class HtmlTableWriter(TextTableWriter): """ A table writer class for HTML format. :Example: :ref:`example-html-table-writer` """ FORMAT_NAME = "html" @property def format_name(self) -> str: return self.FORMAT_NAME @property def support_split_write(self) -> bool: return False def __init__(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: super().__init__(**kwargs) self.is_padding = False self.indent_string = kwargs.get("indent_string", " ") self._dp_extractor.preprocessor.line_break_repl = "<br>" self._dp_extractor.preprocessor.is_escape_html_tag = False self._quoting_flags = copy.deepcopy(dataproperty.NOT_QUOTING_FLAGS) self._table_tag: Any = None self.enable_ansi_escape = False
[docs] def write_table(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """ |write_table| with HTML table format. Args: write_css (bool): If |True|, write CSS corresponding to the specified styles, instead of attributes of HTML tags. Example: :ref:`example-html-table-writer` .. note:: - |None| values will be replaced with an empty value """ tags, raw = _get_tags_module() write_css: bool = kwargs.get("write_css", False) with self._logger: try: self._verify_property() except EmptyTableDataError: self._logger.logger.debug("no tabular data found") return self._preprocess() css_class: Optional[str] = None if write_css: default_css_class_name = replace_symbol(self.table_name, replacement_text="-") if default_css_class_name: default_css_class_name += "-css" else: default_css_class_name = "ptw-table-css" css_class = kwargs.get("css_class", default_css_class_name) css_writer = CssTableWriter( table_name=css_class, margin=self.margin,, ) css_writer.from_writer(self, is_overwrite_table_name=False) css_writer.write_table(write_style_tag=True) if typepy.is_not_null_string(self.table_name): if css_class: self._table_tag = tags.table( id=sanitize_python_var_name(self.table_name), class_name=css_class ) else: self._table_tag = tags.table(id=sanitize_python_var_name(self.table_name)) self._table_tag += tags.caption(MultiByteStrDecoder(self.table_name).unicode_str) else: if css_class: self._table_tag = tags.table(class_name=css_class) else: self._table_tag = tags.table() try: self._write_header() except ValueError: pass self._write_body(not write_css)
def _write_header(self) -> None: tags, raw = _get_tags_module() if not self.is_write_header: return if typepy.is_empty_sequence(self._table_headers): raise ValueError("headers is empty") tr_tag = for header in self._table_headers: tr_tag += thead_tag = tags.thead() thead_tag += tr_tag self._table_tag += thead_tag def _write_body(self, write_attr: bool) -> None: tags, raw = _get_tags_module() tbody_tag = tags.tbody() for row_idx, (values, value_dp_list) in enumerate( zip(self._table_value_matrix, self._table_value_dp_matrix) ): tr_tag = for value, value_dp, column_dp in zip(values, value_dp_list, self._column_dp_list): td_tag = style = self._fetch_style(row_idx, column_dp, value_dp) if write_attr: if style.align == Align.AUTO: td_tag["align"] = value_dp.align.align_string else: td_tag["align"] = style.align.align_string if style.vertical_align != VerticalAlign.BASELINE: td_tag["valign"] = style.vertical_align.align_str style_tag = self.__make_style_tag(style=style) if style_tag: td_tag["style"] = style_tag tr_tag += td_tag tbody_tag += tr_tag self._table_tag += tbody_tag self._write_line(self._table_tag.render(indent=self.indent_string)) def __make_style_tag(self, style: Style) -> Optional[str]: styles: List[str] = [] if self._styler.get_font_size(style): styles.append(cast(str, self._styler.get_font_size(style))) if style.font_weight == FontWeight.BOLD: styles.append("font-weight:bold") if style.font_style == FontStyle.ITALIC: styles.append("font-style:italic") if not styles: return None return "; ".join(styles) def _create_styler(self, writer: AbstractTableWriter) -> StylerInterface: return HtmlStyler(writer)