Source code for pytablewriter.writer.text._asciidoc

import copy
from typing import Any, List, Sequence

import dataproperty as dp
import typepy
from dataproperty import ColumnDataProperty, DataProperty, LineBreakHandling
from mbstrdecoder import MultiByteStrDecoder

from import (
from .._table_writer import AbstractTableWriter
from ._text_writer import TextTableWriter

class AsciiDocStyler(TextStyler):
    def apply(self, value: str, style: Style) -> str:
        value = super().apply(value, style)
        if not value:
            return value

            fg_color =  # type: ignore
        except AttributeError:
            fg_color = None

            bg_color =  # type: ignore
        except AttributeError:
            bg_color = None

        if fg_color and bg_color:
            value = f"[{fg_color} {bg_color}-background]##{value}##"
        elif fg_color:
            value = f"[{fg_color}]##{value}##"
        elif bg_color:
            value = f"[{bg_color}-background]##{value}##"

        if style.font_weight == FontWeight.BOLD:
            value = f"*{value}*"

        if style.font_style == FontStyle.ITALIC:
            value = f"_{value}_"

        return value

[docs] class AsciiDocTableWriter(TextTableWriter): """ A table writer class for `AsciiDoc <>`__ format. """ FORMAT_NAME = "asciidoc" @property def format_name(self) -> str: return self.FORMAT_NAME @property def support_split_write(self) -> bool: return True def __init__(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: super().__init__(**kwargs) self.column_delimiter = "\n" self.is_padding = False self.is_write_header_separator_row = True self.is_write_value_separator_row = True self.is_write_opening_row = True self.is_write_closing_row = True self.update_preprocessor(line_break_handling=LineBreakHandling.NOP) self._quoting_flags = copy.deepcopy(dp.NOT_QUOTING_FLAGS) def _create_styler(self, writer: AbstractTableWriter) -> StylerInterface: return AsciiDocStyler(writer) def _write_value_row( self, row: int, values: Sequence[str], value_dp_list: Sequence[DataProperty] ) -> None: self._write_row( row, [ self.__modify_row_element(row, col_idx, value, value_dp) for col_idx, (value, value_dp), in enumerate(zip(values, value_dp_list)) ], ) def _get_opening_row_items(self) -> List[str]: cols = ", ".join( f"{get_align_char(col_dp.align)}{col_dp.ascii_char_width}" for col_dp in self._column_dp_list ) rows = [f'[cols="{cols}", options="header"]'] if typepy.is_not_null_string(self.table_name): rows.append("." + MultiByteStrDecoder(self.table_name).unicode_str) rows.append("|===") return ["\n".join(rows)] def _get_header_row_separator_items(self) -> List[str]: return [""] def _get_value_row_separator_items(self) -> List[str]: return self._get_header_row_separator_items() def _get_closing_row_items(self) -> List[str]: return ["|==="] def __apply_align(self, value: str, style: Style) -> str: return f"{get_align_char(Align.CENTER)}|{value}" def _apply_style_to_header_item( self, col_dp: ColumnDataProperty, value_dp: DataProperty, style: Style ) -> str: value = self._styler.apply(col_dp.dp_to_str(value_dp), style=style) return self.__apply_align(value, style) def __modify_row_element( self, row_idx: int, col_idx: int, value: str, value_dp: DataProperty ) -> str: col_dp = self._column_dp_list[col_idx] style = self._fetch_style(row_idx, col_dp, value_dp) align = col_dp.align if style and style.align and style.align != align: forma_stirng = "{0:s}|{1:s}" align = style.align elif value_dp.align != align: forma_stirng = "{0:s}|{1:s}" align = value_dp.align else: forma_stirng = "|{1:s}" return forma_stirng.format(get_align_char(align), value)